Emerald green “Sumatakyo”

Posted on November 12, 2018

Sumatakyo, where “Yume no Tsuruhashi suspension bridge” is at has beautiful emerald green? turquoise blue? whichever, but truly mysterious view!

You should go during spring or fall. You ca fully enjoy the nature with 90 minutes walk track “Sumatakyo Promenade”

Photo by @massa_taniguchi

Such a mysterious place that should be on a bucket list for Japanese people too!

Photo by @deborabrizzi

The bridge shakes a lot, so if you’re acrophobia, be prepared.

Photo by @bow_ap

Ah, and it’s one way only so you cannot go back. Just gotta keep on moving.

Photo by @deborabrizzi


photo by @goya_tabi

Autumn leaves are beautiful

Photo by @kyoko1903

It’s a long mountain drive to get there, but it’s definitely worth it!

Photo by @kyoko1903

【Sumata-Kyo Valley 】
Senzu, Kawanehon-cho, Haibara-gun, Shizuoka

Take a bus from Ooigawa tetsudo  “Okuizumi station” and get off at “Sumatakyo Onsen”
If you’re driving, 2 hour drive from Tomei Highway “Fukui IC” or “Shizuoka IC”  

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