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  • A town that remains unchanged from the Edo period "Inuyama castle town"

A town that remains unchanged from the Edo period "Inuyama castle town"

Posted on February 18, 2019

Aichi Prefecture where there are lots of gourmet food to go on eating binge

“Inuyama Castle Town”.

Along with the sightseeing at Inuyama castke which is national treasure, please also take a tour to a town like the one in the Edo period!

You would have delicious gourmet!

Photo by @ekka_aeyy

Old town

Photo by @seonxv

Was it like this in the Edo period?

Photo by @heeyaxtagram

Speaking of Japan, it is Sushi!

Photo by @wetseuung

You can enjoy various sushi topping

with a bite size sushi!!

Photo by @hanulaz3

Taste of Japan!

Soy sauce Okoge-kushi

Photo by @hanulaz3

Looks like delicious fish!

Photo by @ftw_jmo96

Fragrant flavor tempts the taste buds of you

【Inuyama-Jyouka Machi】


14 Fujimi-cho, inuyama, inuyama city, Aichi prefecture

About 10 minutes on foot from West entrance of “Inuyama station” Meitetsu.

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