City ruled by Tanuki

Posted on August 3, 2018

Kisarazu city in Chiba prefecture is a city ruled by Tanuki, a Japanese raccoon dog.

Tanuki is a familiar animal that appears in Japanese folks tale, and songs, but there are statues of  Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki, Tanuki on every corner of the Kisarazu city.

In front of Kisarazu station.

There are statue of Tanuki everywhere in this shopping district.

“福” means good luck in Japanese

Crotch that stands out!

more like middle-aged man than a Tanuki…

Even a manhole has Tanuki drawn on it!

There is a folk take of Tanukis and Buddhist priest partying together on a moonlit night at a garden of temple in Kisarazu city.

It’s the reason why Tanuki is so loved in this city.

Visit Kisarazu city and look for Tanukis!


[Direction to Kisarazu station]
Approximately 60 min by express train from Tokyo station
Approximately 60 min by Tokyo Aqua Line from Shinjuku station

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