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  • Mecca for Japanese food chefs

Mecca for Japanese food chefs

Posted on August 6, 2018

The best street to shop restaurant trade in Japan is located in Asakusa, and it’s called “Kappabashi do-gu gai” (Kappabashi dogu street)

It’s chefs town that has everything you need for restaurants from kitchen utensils, dishes, lantern, to signboards.

Huge chef is the landmark!

There are approximately 170 shops!

hundreds of frying pans in kitchenware shop

Japanese donburi bowls.

seems like there are lots of signboards that means “OPEN”

Lantern. Used as a landmark

Ah look! Chopsticks!! Ohashi!

It’s a cutter used for baking, but there’s too many and it looks confusing.

There’s sushi! but it’s actually plastic display food!

Don’t eat it by mistake!

Palm size Udon noodle! how cute!

Bacon and egg, stakes… There are actual sized display food too!

The fruits on bottom shelf is all fake too.

Oh look! Draft beer!!

Can’t drink it because is display food… such a shame.

Turtle shaped scrubbing brush is waving goodbye.

Kappabashi dogu gai is 800m long.

You can experience Japanese food culture, and restaurant here!


[Kappabashi dogu gai] (Kappabashi street)

Address: 3-18-2,matsugaya,Taitoku,Tokyo,110-0036

15 min walk from Ueno station, and Uguisudani station, Yamanote line・Keihin tohoku line
5 min walk from Tawaramachi station, Tokyo metro ginza line
13 min walk from Asakusa station, Toei asakusa line

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