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  • Sylvanian Families, Heavenly Tulip Festival, and breathtaking views of Mount Fuji at Grinpa Park!

Sylvanian Families, Heavenly Tulip Festival, and breathtaking views of Mount Fuji at Grinpa Park!

Posted on October 26, 2020

Did you ever play with the characters from Sylvanian Families when you were a child? Or Calico Critters as they call them in the States? If you haven’t heard of them already, Sylvanian Families are the cutest little forest and farm animal toy collectibles that At Grinpa Amusement Park in Shizuoka, you can visit the real-life often come in packs of small families. They wear detailed pastoral European style clothing and you can find every creature from rabbits to bears to squirrels, cats, dogs, sheep and more. Sylvanian Village with a beautiful backdrop of the stunning Mount Fuji.

Grinpa Shizuoka Mount Fuji windmill tulips

photo by @yoko_lost_in_japan

Located at the second stage of Mount Fuji, at Grinpa Park you will have a close-up view of the world famous mountain! If you visit in spring, you will get to experience the’Heavenly Tulip Festival’ too! The windmill in the Sylvanian Village looks just like one out of the toy box sets …

Sylvanian Families Grinpa Park windmill bunnies

photo by @naaa824

This family of Wildflower Bunnies is just so precious … how nostalgic and magical.


Grinpa Shizuoka Sylvanian Families

photo by @ naaa824

You can access the park in under two hours from Tokyo Station via the JR Tokaido Shinkansen with a taxi ride from Mishima Station to Grinpa. Entry tickets for adults are only 1,200 yen! It’s 3,500 yen if you’d like rides included, and tickets for children and seniors are lower.


Grinpa Shizuoka Tulip Festival photo by @ patoct10

Tulips, tulips, everywhere! The Heavenly Tulip Festival is held annually from the end of April to the end of May. It was named’Heavenly’ because of how close the tulips are to the sky, located 1200m above sea level and with the most majestic views of Mount Fuji. Each year, there are over 20,000 tulips varying in types and colors. During the festival, you will even find soft-serve ice cream infused with tulip extract and rice pops on top! 


Grinpa Shizuoka Bunny dogs

photo by @jrt_bellmama

Take photos with your favorite characters! 


Grinpa Shizuoka Sylvanian families Cat family

photo by @ naaa824

What a perfect little universe to immerse yourself in for a day—a world where everything is sweet and colorful. They even made the little baby characters too! Brings me right back to childhood.



Grinpa Shizuoka Sheep Sylvanian Families

photo by @frances_travel

How cute is this sheep guy. They’ve even gotten the clothes right too with the style and everything!


Grinpa Shizuoka Ferris Wheel Cherry Blossom

photo by @ patoct10

You can ride on the ferris wheel with breathtaking views of Mount Fuji, or Fuji-san as they call it here in Japan! 


Grinpa Shizuoka tourist with Sylvanian families

photo by @sylvaniansandme

Come to Grinpa to meet a real-life cotton bunny girl and her friends!

For more information, please visit the Grinpa Park official website here. 


Written by: Maya Kimura Watts