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Tokyo Disney Exclusive Popcorn Buckets

Posted on October 30, 2020

Popcorn buckets are a must-have for all Disney-goers in Japan; they’re cute, refillable, and feature countless favorite characters!

Here’s a list of some popular buckets sold exclusively at Tokyo Disney (and Sea!):

Beauty and the Beast

photo: @m_akn_18

Just as the Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast opened on September 28 of 2020, their Beauty and the Beast were also released. For 3,200 yen, these buckets sell for a premium price, and can be found with popcorn flavors such as honey, caramel, milk chocolate, and soy sauce butter. While nearly $30 may seem pricey for some popcorn, this bucket comes with a bright twist:

photo: @kyokyo6312

it lights up!

Tangled: Rapunzel

photo: @st_k.05

And at last you can see the light too- for 2,800 yen you can enjoy caramel or black pepper popcorn with Pascal! Unlike the Beauty and the Beast popcorn bucket, you can find Rapunzel’s in both parks.

Duffy the Disney Bear

photo: @yunomutsucp

Although Duffy received minimal love from the Disney parks in the United States (we miss you at Paradise Pier, Duffy!), you can find him at Tokyo Disney Sea, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Paris. You can find his bucket at 3 locations around Disney Sea, with flavors including salted, milk chocolate, and matcha white chocolate. This lovable bear’s bucket sells for 3,000 yen at the parks, but can be found online from anywhere between 4,000 yen to 10,000 yen!


photo: @0o_mikuchan_o0

CookieAnn! The newest member of Duffy’s crew debuted at Hong Kong Disneyland in 2018, and in Tokyo Disney Sea later in 2019. She’s just as cute as her good friends ShellieMay and StellaLou, and her bucket sells for 2,400 yen at the popcorn wagon in front of Ridoil. Although her bucket price is a little lower than Duffy’s, she still resells for up to quadruple her original price.

Speaking of pairs like Duffy and his crew, up next are a classic Disney pair: Mickey and Minnie.

Steamboat Willie

photo: @akop__akop

Good ol’ Steamboat Willie is almost a century old now! This classic character’s popcorn bucket can be found in both Tokyo parks, and retails for 2,600 yen. You can find Willie with barbecue flavored popcorn at the regular park, and curry and caramel flavors at Disney Sea. Perhaps because Steamboat Willie is such a classic character, his prices online are a lot higher than other popcorn buckets available; but if you’re a classic Disney fan, how could you not be tempted?

Minnie Mouse

photo: @yamaeri0926

Mickey and Minnie go together like bread and butter! This heart shaped bucket with Minnie laying on top is simply adorable. Retailing at 2,400 yen in both parks, you can find her with some of the same flavors as Mickey, such as curry and barbecue.

While this list up is about popcorn buckets, you can’t ignore how tasty the Mike Wazowski melon bread and boba look!


photo: @elliewest24

The opening of The Happy Ride with Baymax in 2020 led us to everyone’s favorite personal healthcare companion turning into a popcorn bucket as well! You can spot him in Tomorrowland with either milk chocolate or salted popcorn. For only 2,400 for such a new design, this bucket is a steal.

Not only do these buckets make for great souvenirs, but they are also refillable for a discount price! Step up your Disney game by buying a popcorn bucket of your favorite character ⭐︎

written by: Shannan Tanaka