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  • Travel to Doraemon's hometown on his very own Doraemon themed tram!

Travel to Doraemon's hometown on his very own Doraemon themed tram!

Posted on November 6, 2020


Come visit Doraemon the time-traveling, earless robot cat in his hometown of Takaoka City! The Doraemon Tram service was established in September 2012 to mark one-hundred years until Doraemon’s birthday on September 3rd, 2112 (it’s coming up isn’t it?) Takaoka City, located in Toyama Prefecture, is actually the hometown of the renowned manga artist and Doraemon’s creator, Fujiko Fujio. The town itself abounds with Doraemon-themed paraphernalia too and there will be no mistake that you have entered into Mr. Fujio’s creative playground. 


Doraemon tram driver

photo by @olym_tetsu

Welcome aboard the Doraemon Tram!


Doraemon tram woman and dorayaki

photo by @cheeserland

Sitting on board the Doraemon Tram, you’ll be surrounded by Doraemon’s world. Here you can see Doraemon’s sister Dorami and his favorite snack, Dorayaki!


Doraemon tram at station

photo by @tira_haru_

If you look closely, you can see Doraemon’s friends on the windows!


Doraemon tram hanging strap

photo by @ hohobridge

Kawaii! Doraemon looks either sleepy or happy… either way, he’s so cute!


Doraemon tram Doraemon ceiling art

photo by @masatetsudo 

Artwork of Doraemon flying in the clouds…


Doraemon tram street view

photo by @ta6_ta6

You can travel on the tram from Shinminato to Takaoka via the Manyo Line. 


Doraemon tram seating

photo by @masatetsudo

Doraemon tram Shizuka ceiling art

photo by  @ azus2an

Look, it’s Shizuka with a takecopter on her head! 


Doraemon tram hanging strap

photo by @masatetsudo 

Isn’t that just the cutest hanging strap you’ve ever seen? The attention to detail on this tram is something.


For more information on the Doraemon Tram, visit the official Toyama tourism information website here.


Written by: Maya Kimura Watts