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Matcha, matcha, matcha galore!

Posted on November 13, 2020


The rich, earthiness of matcha with its uniquely bitter undertones can’t quite be matched by anything else. Here, we’ll go through a few spots in Tokyo that specialize in delectable green tea flavored desserts.


matcha green tea gion tsujiri ice cream

photo by @violette_0731

The chain store Gion Tsujiri, originally from Kyoto, has one of it’s Tokyo branches at the famous Oshiage Sky Tree. You can purchase this green tea soft serve for 480 yen.


matcha green tea saryo parfait

photo by @loves_lemon

This matcha parfait (1,400 yen) can be found at the Shinjuku branch of Kagurazaka Saryo. It includes green tea ice cream, red beans and green tea jelly.


matcha green tea capoon cafe

photo by @walnutsieee

Be sure to swing by the matcha cafe “Capoon” in the family friendly town of Kichijoji in the more suburban area of Tokyo.


matcha green tea toast ice cream

photo by @nonoka17229033

Have you ever seen matcha ice cream on toast?! Japan is a big fan of sweet toast and Capoon has hacked the toast game with this delicious green tea twist!


matcha green tea mont blanc

photo by @nonoka17229033

A matcha mont blanc dessert with red beans on top! You can find this one at Ujien, Shibuya.



matcha green tea bubble tea

photo by @kuminyroom

Kyo-Hayashiya has four Tokyo branches that are located in Hibiya, Ikebukuro, Shinjuku, and Harumi. They do an amazing matcha bubble tea with green tea jelly!


matcha green tea shaved ice

photo by @hiro_may

You can also get the summer favorite, “kakigōri,” or shaved ice. As it is a matcha specialty cafe, their shaved ice features red beans, green tea ice cream and white mochi balls and a shot of green tea on the side if you order the set!

The shaved ice costs 1,100 yen or 1,430 yen for the tea set.


matcha green tea parfait

photo by @fukeiryu

Nana’s Green Tea is a much-loved chain store that, as the name implies, prides itself on its matcha eatables. You’ll definitely have to try the matcha shiratama parfait with whipped cream (800 yen). Shiratama are the white mochi balls! The accompanying sencha tea would cost you 400 yen.


matcha green tea roll cake

photo by @fukeiryu

You’ll be able to find Nana’s Green Tea in most major stations in Tokyo and even all across other cities in Japan. The delicious matcha roll cake goes for 560 yen. It’s sweet and moist in the exactly the way you’d imagine a perfect roll cake to taste.


I’m calling for a matcha revolution!

Written by: Maya Kimura