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  • Customize your wallet contents & choose cute designs for bank and point cards!

Customize your wallet contents & choose cute designs for bank and point cards!

Posted on November 12, 2020


Have you ever thought of glamming up your wallet with cute and fun card designs? Fret not, as Japan (the land of all things cute and animated) has you covered. Point cards such as T-point, Waon, Nanaco, and Ponta cards are all the rage in Japan and are a thrifty and convenient way of saving money on future purchases from the stores you frequent most. T-point specifically can be used at the popular stores Softbank, Family Mart, Tsutaya, and Maruetsu. When visiting a store, the cashier will almost always ask you if you have a point card “pointo kādo arimasuka?” Once you get one, you can choose from many designs!


Little Twin Stars T-point card

photo by @mashumaro_fmk

It’s an adorable Little Twin Stars T-point card! Point cards are usually free to set up except for a few stores which charge ¥300 as an initial fee. If you would like to start one, just tell the store clerk “pointo kādo wo tsukuritaidesu.” Depending on the type of point card you go with, you can get as much as 1 point per 100 yen spent and cash out whenever you would like to by saying, “pointo wo tsukaitai desu.”


Crayon shinchan T-point card

photo by @crayon59mth

Check out these funny Crayon Shin Chan T-point cards! Crayon Shin Chan is a well-loved Japanese cartoon series that has been running on Japanese television since the early 90s.


Miffy cash card

photo by @miffy_paruru

A Miffy and ducks bank card! It even comes in such a cute envelope. Packaging always goes above and beyond with Japanese products.


music themed t-point cards

photo by @wolf_and_hornet

Choose your favorite musician or band to adorn your point card!


cute dog bank card

photo by @marginal_neko

Other bank cards are just cute by default, like this dog mascot from Taishin Bank.



Moomin Valley T-point card

photo by @_.akiko._

A Moomin Valley T-point card!


E-girls T-point card

photo by @zukyao

Another band T-point card with the famous Japanese idol group, E-girls.


Written by: Maya Kimura Watts