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  • Golden Ginkgo Trees: The Perfect Foliage Walk Right in Tokyo

Golden Ginkgo Trees: The Perfect Foliage Walk Right in Tokyo

Posted on November 16, 2020

Can’t make it to Nikko for the beautiful foliage? No worries! There’s beautiful foliage right under your nose in Tokyo. Take the train to Meiji Jingu Gaien around mid November to see the peak foliage. This leaf-peeper favorite has about 150 uniquely shaped Ginkgo  Biloba trees. The trees are full at their base and taper out the higher they grow. Lining the avenue on both sides, the trees create a golden tunnel that will take your breath away. Golden Ginkgo tunnel

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ginkgo leaf against the sky

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Though the trees are a spectacle during any season, the fall brings a warm light through the leaves, illuminating your afternoon walk.

Ginkgo Biloba trees against the blue sky

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sunlight through the ginkgo trees

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If you venture to Meiji Jingu Gaien near the beginning of November, the walkways will enchant you with golden leaves on one side and green on the other. This two-tone effect is a miracle of nature!

two tone ginkgo trees

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Each year, from mid-November to mid-December, there is a Meiji Jingu Gaien fall festival with traditional Japanese food and items. Many of the items being sold are difficult to seek out in Tokyo so take in as much as you can while it lasts!


ginkgo avenue

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If you’re there before the festival, there is a trendy Shake Shackright on the avenue! Sit for a while and enjoy the view with a milkshake or burger.

ginkgo in daylight

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Please visit this wonder and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Cute stuffed animal in front of foliage

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