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  • Powder Paradise: Niseko Skiing Adventure

Powder Paradise: Niseko Skiing Adventure

Posted on November 25, 2020

A warning to ski-bums and powder heads: this article may make you empty your bank account, move to Japan, and never look back. 

Winter may not be here just yet in Tokyo, but Niseko has already gotten some of that famous “ja-pow” and more is on the way. It’s waiting for you on the slopes. Niseko is known far and wide for some of the most dry and light powder in the world. On top of that Niseko has traditional onsen, and strong local food culture.powder and Mt. Yotei

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Even before the soft snow descends, Niseko is a sight-seeing goldmine.

Yotei at dusk

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The cumulative experience of finding the perfect, untouched line through deep powder, to slurping up a bowl of hot soba noodles after a run, is what makes Niseko such a dream.

lone skier on slope

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trails in the powder

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Though experts and ski bums flock to Niseko from all around the world, this mountain is fantastic for skiers of every level. The soft powder will catch your fall and keep you coming back for more.

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Niseko Ichimura soba set












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Ichimura Soba

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If you’re not big on skiing or boarding, curl up by the fire or with bountiful breakfast in bed to watch the flurries outside your window.

Breakfast in bed at Niseko

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It may be fun to walk around town and gasp at how enchantingly different everything looks with a thick blanket of snow atop. And stop to get some ginger beer and fried chicken from an adorable yellow food truck while you’re at it.

snow topped Hakko Ginger Van

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While you’re at it, stop by one of the small lakes around Mt. Yotei to get an astonishing double feature!

Mount Yotei at dusk

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Even after the sun goes down, the show goes on. Gaze up into the ever-expansive universe above Mt. Yotei. 

starry Niseko sky

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Point out constellations till your eyelids start to droop, then head home to your cozy room, and do it all again tomorrow.