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  • The beautiful and picturesque, Ōnuma of Hokkaido!

The beautiful and picturesque, Ōnuma of Hokkaido!

Posted on November 17, 2020


Hokkaido is a highly underrated destination in Japan that way too many travelers overlook. If you’ve already caught wind of the marvels of Hokkaido in your travelers game of telephone, you should know about the first place to visit while you’re there. Onuma, located just 20km from the southwestern coastal city of Hakodate, is super easy to travel to from Tokyo. Simply hop on the Shinkansen and you’ll reach Hakodate in about four hours. From there, you can easily escape to the beautiful Hokkaido countryside of Onuma within 30 minutes via JR Express train. Onuma Quasi National Park encompasses an area of 9,000 hectares that is made up of lakes, mountains, and forest. The park is a sight to see in all four seasons, and you’ll catch plenty of wildlife skirting the shores of the three lakes, Lake Onuma, Lake Konuma, and Lake Junsainuma.


Onuma Park Hokkaido bridge

photo by @love__and__wander

Onuma Park is full of these lovely steep traditional Japanese bridges. Try walking on one and you’ll quickly feel it in your thighs!


Onuma Park Hokkaido Komagatake

photo by @ ayakaya0408

The active volcano Komagatake can be seen in the distance. Scroll down a little bit for a clearer view…


Onuma Park Hokkaido torii shrine

photo by @kaminari_kaminari

On your way to Lake Onuma, you might be able to find this tucked away torii gate and little shrine. You’ll notice it because of the huge moss-covered rock on the left hand side of the gate. If you’re confused about how to appropriately visit a shrine, you can see our previous article on Japanese etiquette about the proper Japanese way to pray at shrines and temples here. 


Onuma Park Hokkaido bridge autumn

photo by @ ayakaya0408

Walking around Onuma Park is the perfect way to enjoy the changing colors of the autumn leaves. In Hokkaido the leaves start changing earlier than the rest of Japan, so make sure to time your trip well!


Onuma Park Hokkaido Komagatake volcano

photo by @neko_mum

Onuma is also home to the magnificent active volcano Komagatake! Standing at an impressive 1,131 meters, Komagatake makes for a perfect outdoor hike. This photo was taken at the end of a clear and dry September, a stunning time to visit Hokkaido.


Onuma Park Hokkaido Komagatake view

photo by @neko_mum

Standing atop the windy Komagatake summit, it’s a 360 view of sky, sea, and earth.


Onuma Park Hokkaido Lake islands

photo by @ ayakaya0408

Lake Onuma is dotted with hundreds of little islands.


Click here for more information from the Onuma Park official site.


Written by: Maya Kimura Watts