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  • Pachinko: have some fun!

Pachinko: have some fun!

Posted on November 27, 2020

Pachinko is a very popular game center, that is spread all around Japan. You can easily recognize these parlors by the colorful lines of slot machines inside.

pachinko, tokyo

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Gambling for cash is illegal in Japan, but the parlors found a way around the law. You can’t exchange pachinko balls directly for cash, but it can be traded for tokens, which could be exchanged for money in a separate vendor outside of pachinko . Quite interesting, isn’t it?

pachinko, gambling

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There is a wide choice of games, so for sure, you will find the one that you like.
pachinko, fun

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pachinko arcade

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Maybe today is your lucky day! Have some fun and we wish you good luck 🙂

slot machine, pachinko

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