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Hiking Mount Meakan, Hokkaido

Posted on November 27, 2020

Mount Meakan (Hokkaido) is the highest mountain in the Akan mountain range.

Mountain, Hokkaido, view

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It can take from three to eight hours to hike, depending on where do you start your route. It has three trails.

Hokkaido, mountain, view

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Once you reach the summit you will be pleased with amazing views of craters, lake Akan, and other mountains.

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mountain, Hokkaido, view

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This is an active volcano and it emits gas regularly. Therefore it’s better to check on a specialized website  before coming if the trails are open, as they might be closed due to the possibility of an eruption. The views are incredible and it is totally worth the hike even if you are not a fan.Hokkaido, mountain, beautiful

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