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Will you ever find dangos as Instagrammable as these?

Posted on November 24, 2020


Dango is a very simple and cute traditional Japanese dessert that takes the form of three to five gooey, white balls on a wooden skewer stick. The balls are made from rice flour, or mochiko, and are often coated in a soy-sauce glaze or a red bean paste. There are other flavors too, but these two are the most common and widespread in Japan!

This dango shop in Arashiyama of Kyoto has taken the simple dango dumpling dessert to new heights with its take on dango designs and flavors. The shop name, 華美だんご, translated to “gorgeous dango,” is located near the Togetsu-kyo bridge which stands over the Katsura River.


cherry blossom dango kyoto

photo by @skr_haru.19

Take a look at this picture-perfect cherry blossom flavored dango. It’s so pretty and delicate, you’d feel bad eating it! Dangos here range from around 200-300 yen depending on the flavor.



multicolored dango kyoto

photo by @ara_re.umm

There are several types of dangos available to choose from. You can order dango with chocolate, yuzu, ramune and melon sodas, bean paste and more.


chocolate mummy dango kyoto

photo by @usacofu.kitchen

These are a holiday favorite from last month’s Halloween season! The chocolate mummy dangos were 300 yen per skewer.


soda dango kyoto

photo by @x.hiichanman.x

After picking up your dango, you can go head to the riverside and take your extra-Instagrammable delights with this lovely landscape as your backdrop!


strawberry chocolate and watermelon dango kyoto

photo by @chika2745

This strawberry chocolate dango (left) is just like a mochi-mochi Japanese donut. It’s crispy on the outside but chewy on the inside. The watermelon chocolate dango actually tastes like watermelon! They both sell for 300 yen each.


sweet potato dango kyoto

photo by @vvv.4knayn_01

Here are more seasonal flavored dangos. You’ll likely find these sold in the autumn months as satsuma-imo, sweet potato, is super popular!


autumn sesame dango kyoto

photo by @ma_sky7

This adorable autumn-themed dango has a black sesame paste base and little maple leaves for the added seasonal effect.



simple cute dango kyoto

photo by @ma_sky7

For those who’d rather go for a more understated and traditional dango, they also offer cute but simple dangos like these.


With customers posting pictures as pretty as these, it’s no wonder that the little shop blew up shortly after going viral on Instagram! Definitely worth the trip while you’re in Kyoto.


Written by: Maya Kimura