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  • A Classy City for a Classy Hotel: Spend a Night at the MUJI Hotel Ginza

A Classy City for a Classy Hotel: Spend a Night at the MUJI Hotel Ginza

Posted on November 20, 2020

Located atop MUJI’s global flagship store is the MUJI Hotel Ginza. With 79 rooms and countless facilities at your disposal, the minimalist, simplistic atmosphere of the store is extended through to the hotel.

photo:  @ 2fdaisy

The lobby to the hotel is located on the 6th floor of the MUJI store, along with most of the facilities besides the MUJI Diner (located on the B1 floor) and the bakery (located on the 1st floor).

photo:  @ sho_2ji

The 6th floor also features the Salon, a coffee lounge / bar, open until 8pm Fridays and Saturdays and until 6pm on other days, a library, which offers over 500 book titles in Japanese, Chinese, and Western languages, as well as the Atelier , a gallery that is free to the public.

(The Salon) photo: @ @ 2fdaisy

@____ 46ty  enjoying a book offered in the library

(an exhibit featuring at the Atelier) photo:  @ 2fdaisy

The standard complementary goods that come with every room have everything you could need for a night away, but mobile chargers, adapters, ironing boards + irons, and other utilities are also available for rent.

photo:  @ nooorth__943

Check in and check out are available at 3pm and 11am, respectively, so be sure to spend your day enjoying Ginza before winding down in one of their cozy hotel rooms.

photo:  @ nonnon71215

Included is a breakdown to the different rooms available and their respective prices and sizes:


Type A 14,900 yen 14 –15m 2 8 rooms available
Type B 27,900 yen 20m 2 4 rooms available
Type C 29,900 yen 24-25m 2 44 rooms available
Type D 35,900 yen 34 –35m 2 12 rooms available
Type E 36,900 yen 36 –37m 2 4 rooms available
Type F 36,900 yen 36m 2 1 room available
Type G * 29,900 yen 25m 2 4 rooms available
Type H 29,900 yen  27m 2 1 room available
Type I 55,900 yen 52m 2 1 room available

* Type G is their bunk bed room, which is wildly popular! With only 4 rooms available, be sure to book this fun room while you can!

photo:  @nonnon71215

photo:  @ 5282mona

Reservations can be made up to 5 months in advance, so if you plan on coming to Japan and you’re a fan of MUJI (let’s be honest, who isn’t?), Why not spend a night in a MUJI paradise?

written by: Shannan Tanaka