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  • Move Over Banana Bread, It's Time for Pull Apart Bread to Make It's Pandemic Debut

Move Over Banana Bread, It's Time for Pull Apart Bread to Make It's Pandemic Debut

Posted on December 2, 2020

For whatever reason, quarantine brought out the inner-baker in all of us, and everyone and their grandmother was making banana bread. YAWN! As the pandemic still sees no end in sight, why not try making chigiripan, Japanese pull apart bread? It’s just as simple and gives you so much more room for creativity!

photo: @micco_1245

All you need to make Japanese style pull apart bread is seven simple ingredients: (bread) flour, sugar, salt, milk, dry yeast, butter, and your imagination!

Spice up this recipe by adding chocolate into the mix, or decorating the bread with your favorite characters⭐

photo: @peneron_swe

Even if you’re not much of a sweet tooth, you can also make delicious savory breads. @momoko_423‘s bread is filled with corn, mayo, bacon, and onions! YUM!

photo: @momoko_423

If you’ve surpassed baking simple loaves of bread, chigiri pan is here to raise the bar with bread wreaths. However, these aren’t going to be your average rye or sour dough bread wreaths: try making themed wreaths!

photo: @yuncharorin

Who is this wreath going to turn out to be?

photo: @goo_ha_n

It’s Baymax!

photo: @goo_ha_n

Layering different wreaths can also make a festive bread tree, just in time for this holiday season🎄

photo: @konbuaka0804

This never ending pandemic has taken a lot from us, but don’t let it take away your spark! If you had some fun during the banana bread craze, you’re sure to enjoy making chigiripan just as much, if not more. Get as inventive as you want, and see what kind of creative treats you can end up with!

photo: @ami_ami1101

written by: Shannan Tanaka