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Merry KFC Christmas from Japan!

Posted on December 4, 2020

By now, you’ve probably heard of the Christmas KFC phenomenon in Japan, and if you haven’t, now you will!

photo: @shichikin207

There are differing accounts surrounding the origin of KFC for Christmas, with some saying that some foreigners came into a KFC looking for a substitute to the traditional turkey dinner, while others have said that KFC’s owner (insert) simply lied to Japanese people and said that chicken was the holiday bird of choice abroad. No matter what the true origin story may be, KFC for Christmas has become a beloved tradition by many in Japan.

photo: @sandyskyevoice

KFC’s holiday popularity may shock those unfamiliar with this tradition, as people will line up out the door in order to secure their Christmas barrel. 

photo: @denko_pan

Pre-ordering for Christmas day pick up starts as early as November, and it is truly a miracle if you can get your hands on some KFC without having pre-ordered!

photo: @severe.travelitis

The party barrel typically includes 8 pieces of chicken, shrimp gratin, triple berry tiramisu, and a commemorative plate!

photo: @katieloudesu

If you’re spending the holidays in Japan, why not join in on this fun tradition and celebrate Christmas the Japanese way- with KFC!

photo: @nossieroux

written by: Shannan Tanaka