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  • Cute nails, beautiful eyelashes and a relaxing massage

Cute nails, beautiful eyelashes and a relaxing massage

Posted on December 17, 2020

Tokyo is well known for its love for cute things, and normally we hear about clothing. But it is much more than that! Having a cute manicure and express your love for some anime through it (for example) is pretty popular here. It is quite expensive to make your nails done, comparing to other countries, but if you want some unique and cute design maybe you should try!

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Another popular beauty procedure here is an eyelash extension, eyelash curl, various treatments. For the first time visit a lot of salons offer a really nice discount, so make sure to check that! It is a very relaxing experience, taking around 120 min, and you probably will fall asleep in the process 🙂

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photo wave_eyelash

Having eyelash extensions can definitely save a lot of time for you during morning make-up time, and the final look is really pretty and natural.


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Massage parlors are everywhere and it is quite easy to find them, a lot of places don’t even require a reservation, but it’s still recommended! Check out this massage salon in Chuo-ku, which offers awesome treatments in a nice atmosphere. 


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