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  • Forget the paper: Japanese food artists use toast as their canvas!

Forget the paper: Japanese food artists use toast as their canvas!

Posted on December 17, 2020


Japan is well known for its hyper-niche art forms ranging from origami to kintsugi to woodblock printing. This time, Japan’s creative genius paired with the pandemic has given rise to a whole new level of wacky and rare art forms, this time in the form of toast. And yes—they are edible!

mushroom forest toast art

photo by @mekkoja_valo

Using melted cheese as a background, the artist ‘Valo’ has created a little glimpse into a thriving patch of forest mushrooms, which she says are inspired by the woodlands of Finland. The red mushrooms were created with red peppers, the stems are made of zucchini, and the grass is actually dill. The polka dots were created using mayonnaise. If you take a look at Valo’s other works, you’ll be able to see that using polka dots is her favorite artistic touch!

kimono toast art

photo by @110san_110san

Ito Yoriko began her breakfast series this year because of the pandemic as she suddenly found herself with a lot more time on her hands staying at home. In this piece, she has used sliced cheese, jam, and seaweed to create this stunning depiction of a lady wearing a kimono.

cat toast art

photo by @shokupan_nt

This artist cuts bread, microwaves it first, and then uses coffee and ketchup as food colorings to make her animals come to life.

face toast art

sphoto by @0840_kao_pan

This artist is a father of two children with allergies. By cooking creative breakfasts for his children, he hopes they will develop the habit of eating well first thing in the morning. This piece was made by using egg, sausage, cucumber, and dill.

cute girl toast art

photo by @nayoko054

This artist, Nayoko, has created a little girl design made from mashed potato, strawberries, ham, egg, and black sesame cream. Her hair is made of fluffy scrambled eggs and the ribbons are cherry tomatoes. Nayoko designs food with the wish that all children will eat with a smile on their faces.

bear toast art

photo by @mekkoja_valo

This adorable bear portrait is made with the most delicious ingredients. Valo used butter, cheese, black pepper, chestnut bear, peanut butter, yogurt, and black sesame seeds.

palette and paints toast art

photo by @110san_110san

Here we have the Ito Yoriko’s piece called ‘palette and paints,’ which is part of her fried-egg series. The artist uses jam, wasabi, mayonnaise, and mustard as her ‘paints’ on a cheese slice palette.  The brushes are ham and crab stick.

Kimetsu no Yaiba toast art

photo by @hirohiro_415

The toast artist Hirohiro has jumped on the Kimetsu no Yaiba bandwagon with his renditions of the Demon Slayer characters, including none other than Inosuke Hashibira.

Christmas wreath toast art

photo by @jasminekoo17

And we wouldn’t be able to end this series with a Christmas themed toast art. This artist has created a lovely broccoli and pepper Christmas wreath on toast, all neatly tied up with a ham ribbon. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the effect of snow that she creates perfectly with some grated cheese sprinkled over the wreath.

character toast art

photo by @ayako.s_0906

Another Christmas themed toast! The artist calls this one a ‘kyara-ben’ meaning character bento or character-themed food. After taking the photo, she baked it.


Will toast art take the world by storm as the next pandemic craze? Thank you, next banana bread.


Written by: Maya Kimura Watts