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  • Shibuya overview, great photo spots and a little more

Shibuya overview, great photo spots and a little more

Posted on December 18, 2020

There are a lot of things to do in Tokyo and lots of different neighborhoods to see. One of them is the iconic Shibuya crossing, which you just can’t avoid because so many transitions are made here. Make sure to take a pic there!

Shibuya crossing

photo naumova_yana

Walk around the station a bit, to find some other spots for photos and enjoy some shopping 🙂

photo naumova_yana

Quite a new area is Shibuya Stream building, with some cafes alongside, on the second floor there are different restaurants, where you can find any food you like.

Shibuya stream

photo hokuted_a

Another new building is Shibuya Scramble, there is an awesome rooftop Shibuya Sky, there is an admission fee, and it is cheaper to buy your ticket online rather than over the counter. There is a limited number of visitors, so if all the tickets are sold out for the day, you won’t be able to get there. You can also enjoy the view from various cafes inside the building.

Shibuya Sky

photo joeyedevivre

And of course, don’t miss the famous Hachiko! It is very commonplace to meet, so usually, this square is very crowded, unless it is early morning.

Hachiko square

photo yoko_lost_in_japan


photo likapon