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  • Entering 2021 with pristine skin with these adorable Japanese character-themed face packs!

Entering 2021 with pristine skin with these adorable Japanese character-themed face packs!

Posted on January 4, 2021


Sure we all know about regular skincare face packs, the type that you leave on for 10 minutes while it soaks in deeply and moisturizes your face. But have you ever heard of character-themed face packs? Well, that’s definitely one way to turn into your favorite character! Why not have some fun at home during the pandemic looking like a cute Japanese character while keeping on top of your skincare game? Two in one, 10/10 pastime.


Dragon ball face pack

photo by @mokuren09

Transform into the signature villain, Frieza from Dragon Ball Z with this refreshing and revitalizing face pack made by Isshin Do Design Face Pack.

Dragonball face pack

photo by @mokuren09

Doesn’t she look badass?!

Usamaru face pack

LIphoto by @daamachi.halle

Turn into LINE’s adorable Usa-maru with this moisturizing face pack by Pure Smile! If you’ve never heard of him before, you can check out his cute stickers on the LINE sticker shop. From time to time you’ll even find some free stickers available for this perfectly plump little rabbit.

Chibiusa Sailor Moon face pack

photo by @daamachi.halle

It’s Chibiusa from Sailor Moon! You’ll have to close your eyes for this one for the full effect. Get this cute face pack from the CharaChanMask Collection.

Kirby Pokemon face pack

photo by @daamachi.halle

Now that I think about it, Kirby does look like he would have a perfect skincare routine. Just look at his soft and rosy pink cheeks… Let’s be like Kirby with this face pack from Lovisia!

One Piece face pack

photo by @pink_strawberry15

More face packs from Isshin Do, this time both One Piece characters. Look, and it’s Tony Tony Chopper on the right!

Doraemon face pack

photo by @marumegu3

The Japanese character face pack series wouldn’t be complete without Doraemon. Not surprised though, as cats are known for keeping themselves incredibly clean and groomed!

Glass Mask face pack

photo by @daamachi.halle

For any Glass Mask manga fans out there, Isshin Do has you covered!

If you are an anime lover but were shy about trying out cosplay, a face pack disguise just may be your foot in the door…


Written by: Maya Kimura Watts