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  • Last month of Tokyo's Sumikko Gurashi Cafe!

Last month of Tokyo's Sumikko Gurashi Cafe!

Posted on January 5, 2021


The pop-up Sumikko Gurashi “Mole House” Cafe in Harajuku is sadly coming to a close on January 17th after two months since its opening. This might be your last chance to come say hi to your favorite shy and lovable corner creatures! Summiko Gurashi, which translates to ‘living in the corner,’ refers to a group of humble, round creatures who are so timid that they always stay put in the corner of the room. These sweet souls are adored for being relatable to some or simply too cute for others. If you are unfamiliar with the characters, you can learn more about their personalities and backstories here. There is a reservation fee of ¥650+tax per customer, so hurry before you miss the chance!

tonkatsu with drink

photo by @mochi_purin327

Everyone’s Treasure Soda (999 yen+tax) featuring a lonely Tonkatsu ice cream ball. Don’t feel dejected now Tonkatsu, we promise we won’t leave you behind this time!

children's lunch with neko

photo by @momo_yumecre

The Okosama children’s lunch (1,299 yen+tax) includes octopus-shaped sausages, fried chicken, french fries, and other delights. The star of the show is none other than the adorable Neko in the form of a glorious rice ball. Can you spot Zassou the positive weed?

mini ice cream set

photo by @mamruru

The Sumikko Gurashi Nakayoshi mini ice cream set (999 yen+tax) gives you five characters all at once! Here we have Neko, Tonkatsu, Tokage, Shirokuma, and Penguin? What a relief, they don’t look so lonely when they’re all huddled together!

tonkatsu and tokage parfait

photo by @nyks726

This one is called the Mole House Treasure Parfait (1,299 yen+tax). The card pictures Mogura wearing a magnificent crown and cape. And don’t Tonkatsu and Tokage just make the cutest ice cream duo?


melting tokage

photo by @usg_04_beat

Nooo, eat it quickly! Tokage is melting!!! But he still looks so, so cute.

shirokuma ice cream with soda

photo by @tokyo.komichan

A perfectly round Shirokuma sitting on a spoon.

mogura sandwich set

photo by @tokage1188

Nikujaga Sandwich (1,299 yen+tax) served with meat and potatoes and a happy Mogura. Mogura must be so excited to be the center of attention at last!


dessert plate

photo by @out.doorgram

Surprise yourself with multiple desserts, each served in a cute Sumikko Gurashi mug. The ‘Adult dessert’ is found on the special menu (1,499 yen+tax). To tickle your taste buds, one of the mugs has matcha tiramisu!

cafe latte art

photo by @natudesukedo

After your meal, be sure to wash it down with a ‘Clean-up Otsukare-sama hot cafe latte’ (799 yen+tax).

thank you sign!

photo by @3030minn

As you leave the cafe, these thank you signs will just melt your heart.

Which Sumikko Gurashi character is your favorite? Our personal favorites here at Bikkuri Japan are Zassou the positive weed and Ebifurai no Shippo the neglected shrimp tail. Let us know on our Sumikko Gurashi Cafe Instagram post!

You can make your reservation today by clicking the link here. 

Written by: Maya Kimura Watts