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  • Tokyo Banana's Latest (and Cutest?) Pokemon Collab: Eevee

Tokyo Banana's Latest (and Cutest?) Pokemon Collab: Eevee

Posted on January 13, 2021

In December, Tokyo’s go-to souvenir Tokyo Banana unveiled the beginnings of their Pokemon collaboration with adorable Pikachu Bananas. Available at Seven Eleven, these flew off the shelves faster than Pikachu could hit you with thunder bolt. While these were limited edition throughout December, January has brought in the new year and another Pokemon collab- Eevee!

photo: @yun.lolo

Filled with a delicious caramel macchiato banana custard, these Eevee Bananas will be available at Seven Elevens for 291 yen per pack. Each pack comes with two cakes, and will vary between six designs.

photo: @ayayanooooooo

Also sold at Tokyo Station, they are also available in boxes that include four packs for 1,188 yen. However, as these boxes are all random, it is not guaranteed to include all six designs.

photo: @s.gen.pika

Of the six designs, five are Eevee’s cute face while one is their heart shaped tail! According to Tokyo Banana, you’ll be lucky if you manage to get the tail design🌟 (although honestly, I think I would rather see Eevee’s face!)

photo: @shun4070_vaum_pb1

While these Eevees won’t be able to evolve into any of its eeveelutions, try freezing your Eeevee Banana and watch it evolve into ice cream!

photo: @misaohshima1213

Remember, these Eevees are limited edition through January, so be sure to grab a pack before they disappear like Pikachu did!

written by: Shannan Tanaka