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Magic Furoshiki wrappping

Posted on January 21, 2021

Furoshiki is a traditional Japanese way of wrapping various things with a cloth. Nowadays it is gaining popularity outside of Japan, for being a perfect sustainable wrapping. You will be surprised to see how many different forms a piece of fabric can be transformed into! 

furoshiki wrapping

photo furoshikitsutsumi

As you will search the word “furoshiki”, the first results will be gift and bento-wrapping. Probably is it the most popular one.

Furoshiki, gift wrapping

photo furoshiki_style_

Furoshiki, gift, gift wrapping

photo furoshiki_style_

 We recommend you to check the Youtube channel of Junko Tsutsumi where she shares some thoughts about furoshiki (in Japanese with English subtitles) and for some “1-minute furoshiki” tutorials!


photo furoshikitsutsumi

But as we stated at the beginning of this article there are many ways of what you can do with a cloth. A book cover, glass case are some of the options 🙂

Furoshiki, glass case

photo furoshiki_style_

Another amazing transformation is the furoshiki bag! The best part of it is probably that you can choose any color / pattern you like, and make a new bag for each of your outfits! And it can be transformed into a backpack too. How awesome is that ?!

photo furoshiki_karakusaya_official

Furoshiki, Furoshiki bag

photo furoshiki_style_

Furoshiki bag, Furoshiki

photo furoshiki_style_


Let us know which of the options you like the most and what would you like to try!