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  • Immerse yourself in color and shapes while you stay at the Reversible Destiny Lofts!

Immerse yourself in color and shapes while you stay at the Reversible Destiny Lofts!

Posted on February 16, 2021


Have you ever wondered if you could convert your bedroom into a playground? This is precisely what architects Shusaku Arakawa and Madeline Gins have created with their nine colorful and playful apartment units comprising the ‘Reversible Destiny Lofts,’ available for both short and long stays. Out in the suburbs of Tokyo and nestled in the quiet Mitaka neighborhood, you’ll find the three rainbow buildings peeking out from a lush bed of greenery. Arakawa and Gins’ works are known for their kinesthetic, interactive quality, but this is the first of their works that functions as a living space as well as art.

Reversible Destiny Lofts Mitaka outside view with trees

photo by @sadcafe143

Circular, cuboid, and tubular shapes come together in a band of color to create a warm and inviting residential complex.

Reversible Destiny Lofts walkway and circular unit

photo by @warai99

Designed as a tribute to Helen Keller, Arakawa and Gins have purposely laid out the space in a way that inspires the body and mind to form a conscious relationship with its environment.

Reversible Destiny Lofts outside units

photo by @warai99

Among the units up for rent, the Critical Resemblance Unit can host up to two people, while the Kehai Coordinating Unit houses up to four.

Reversible Destiny Lofts stairwell and elevator

photo by @warai99

Before you enter, you must follow the guidelines: “Go into this unit as someone who is both 3 years old and 100 years old.”


Reversible Destiny Loft pink room

photo by @warai99

The features of each unit call attention to different body parts as well as abilities. Some areas may be challenging for a child, whereas other areas may be better-suited to an elderly person.

Reversible Destiny Loft interior space

photo by @joannakawecki

Kick back on the indoor hammock while you sway above the textured, bumpy floors and enjoy the polychromatic space.

Reversible Destiny Lofts swing room

photo by @warai99

The sloped walls of the red room, the swing, and the puddle of assorted cushions its hangs over easily takes us back to childhood, reminiscent of a kids’ ball pit.

Reversible Destiny Lofts kitchen space

photo by @sakurakonibe

Select units are available to rent on Airbnb for a minimum of three nights or at the Reversible Destiny Lofts website here! Or if you’re simply interested in taking a look around, you can book a private architectural tour in English at the website.



2-2-8 Osawa Mitaka-shi Tokyo Japan 181-0015

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Written by: Maya Kimura Watts