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  • Stepping Into the Frame: The Bed and Art Experience

Stepping Into the Frame: The Bed and Art Experience

Posted on January 27, 2021

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stay past opening hours at your favorite museum, enjoying to your heart’s content with no one else around? Up-and-coming Tokyo Art Hotel Collective BnA (Bed and Art) takes a night at the museum to the next level. At the threshold of each room, enter a carefully crafted masterpiece.

This breathtaking experience is made possible by the symbiotic relationship between entrepreneur, artist, and guest. BnA’s founders saw local contemporary artists struggling to make a living from their art and travelers searching for small independent galleries that weren’t there. At the intersection of these issues, they created BnA: a canvas for local artists and an authentic, fully immersive art experience for curious travelers. Each time you book a room a portion of the revenue goes directly to the artist. With several Tokyo branches and the BnA Alter Museum located in Kyoto, the collective is creating a thriving platform for innovative Japanese artists.

Dream Room Dream Room threaded close up

Titled ‘Double Dreams’ by Sato Sugamoto, this room transforms the abstract into reality. The cerebral folds portray the connections between two dream sharers and all humans. As you get into bed and gaze up, you may find yourself drifting off into Sugamoto’s dream world.

Photos By @mi_kobay

NETEFX room construction

Photo by @ bnahotel

NETEFX room NETEFX label

Photos by @smkkmmd

When you stay in any of BnA’s rooms, you get a peek into the underground art world in Japan. Creating a bond with the creators of your experience. What better way to experience Japan than through the eyes of its cutting edge artists? Get to know Mon Koutaro Ooyama (#BCTION, DOPPEL) in NEXTFX, a vibrant, uplifting space reminiscent of the oceans’ flora and fauna on a sunny day. The space evokes the wonder of childhood imagination with bright strokes of yellow, pink, and orange. Sprawl out to take it all in.

Venus' Flower Basket

Venus' Flower Basket close up

Photos by @ iam13dearu


Venus' Flower Basket

Photo by @ shugraphy_059

This dreamy room is fit for a sea goddess! You may smell the soft salt of the ocean or feel a gentle breeze in this underwater paradise. The BnA experience doesn’t end at the wonder of your room, but extends to the Mural & Factory BnA Alter renews the expansive lobby mural every three months. When you stay with BnA, your experience will be, The Mural & Factory at BnA Alter Museum Kyoto is a mural creation and collaborative space. unique to you as BnA is constantly evolving and morphing into something new and exciting. 

Goen no Ma

Photo by @ estelleromeo

Goen no Ma

Photo by @ bnahotel

The cafe and Bar OIRON are the perfect places to meet someone new or enjoy an imaginatively crafted meal or cocktail. Bar OIRION is the second location of the trendy OIRAN Music Bar in Shibuya. BnA has brought Tokyo’s best to your doorstep.


Even without staying at BnA, you may sense the poignant influence that the collective has had on the Tokyo area as you explore. BnA’s Mural Project has brought independent artists into the limelight with five permanent murals installed all around Tokyo. Visit the murals and observe how Japanese artists are transforming and reimagining Japan’s landscapes!


Access to BnA Alter Museum: 267-1 Tenmacho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu

Train stations: Kawaramachi Matsubara (1 minute walk)

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