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  • Galaxy Harajuku is the Trendy and Innovative Hot Spot We Needed

Galaxy Harajuku is the Trendy and Innovative Hot Spot We Needed

Posted on January 20, 2021

As the global leader of the smartphone industry, leave it to Samsung (rebranded to simply Galaxy in Japan) to have an interactive and futuristic flagship store in one of Tokyo’s trendiest neighborhoods. Open since early March of 2019, Galaxy Harajuku continues to be a hot spot even in 2021.

photo: @satsuki_ange

Besides showcasing up and coming products, Galaxy Harajuku also introduced popular cafe DUMBO Doughnuts and Coffee into their cafe space in November of 2019. Located on the second floor of the six story building, the shop offers a variety of coffee and doughnut options, along with the exclusive galaxy doughnut.

photo: @__k.k.r.__

photo: @_saaayadesu_

Summer 2020 brought perhaps the most popular update to Galaxy Harajuku, with the BTS installation. After becoming brand ambassadors for Samsung and introducing the Galaxy S20+5G BTS edition, it seems only natural to feature the group that has taken the world by storm.

photo: @arel_ari03

photo: @kr_sea_love

Whether you’re enjoying a coffee break or exploring the store, BTS can be found promoting the S20+ and the Galaxy Buds+. (Although we couldn’t find a picture of it, there is also a wall that features Taehyung’s signature “I Purple You”💫)

photo: @v____purpleee

The BTS mania doesn’t end there! Under the “My Galaxy” experience offered within the store, Galaxy allows you to customize earbud cases, phone cases, and phone straps. While the BTS customization seems to only be limited to phone straps, through this experience you’re able to customize everything from color, to font, to which iconic BTS phrase you’d like.

photo: @____h.yh

Another experience that Galaxy Harajuku offers is the “Social Galaxy” experience. Located on the fourth floor, become surrounded by an infinite view of your very own Instagram feed!

photo: @travelpiggy

With this unique feature, every visit to the “Social Galaxy” exhibit is different for each person. Surrounded by your feed, make your Instagram aesthetic jump to life. Whether you’re into soft pastels or bright colors, the room will be reflective of you!

photo: @edwrdgryyy

photo: @ron.takase

Whether you look up, down, left, or right, you’ll be surrounded by an endless view of your favorite friends, family, pets, and more!

photo: @megummygumi

Not only is the Galaxy Harajuku experience insanely cool, but it is also free! Conveniently located in the heart of Tokyo, be sure to stop by and create your own unique memories.

written by: Shannan Tanaka