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  • Exploring Tokyo: Docomo bike share

Exploring Tokyo: Docomo bike share

Posted on January 22, 2021

You have a great chance to explore Tokyo more in a very convenient way — by bicycle! Walking a lot might be too tiring, and there are a lot of places that you can miss while being on a bus. Cycling is a great alternative, that can cover big distance and allow you to do as many stops as you need, for photos, coffee, or whatever else you might want to stop for.

Docomo bike share

photo dudu_m08

We will introduce you to the best service in our opinion — Docomo bike-share, they have numerous stations around the city, so you can pick up your bicycle and leave it later at the nearest stop near your final destination. Map with locations is available on their website, as well as in the app. 

Docomo bike share

photo dmsanviola

Tokyo has a lot of hills, luckily for us Docomo bicycles have electric support, so you really don’t need to worry about getting too tired or thinking of clothes you wear, it doesn’t need to be sports style. Of course, you can turn it off, if you like and challenge yourself for a little workout 🙂

Docomo bike share

photo _emiii_chan

Don’t forget to check the battery level before choosing your bicycle. Even if there isn’t much percentage left, you can cycle to the next location and change it. You can check it by pressing the black button, which you can see in the photo below.

Docomo bike share

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For using this service, you will need to register on the website,  just follow provided instructions, nothing complicated in this process. It will be necessary to add a credit card as a payment, make sure to choose the right plan for you, without monthly payment, unless you plan to use it regularly. 

Docomo bike share

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Enjoy your journey and take care!