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Experience Kamikatsu: The Zero Waste Lifestyle

Posted on February 16, 2021

Have you ever wondered about where your trash goes or how your actions, big and small, impact the ecosystem and community around you? The people of a small town in Tokushima prefecture, Kamikatsu, have been pondering these ideas since the early 1990’s. Kamikatsu is on track to be Japan’s first Zero Waste municipality, meaning that all resources will be conserved through responsible use, reuse, and recycling. The people of Kamikatsu understand the magic of connecting the consumer and community with the land, and they do it with impeccable style!

Kamikatsu’s waste recycling center and Hotel Why form a bold question mark, encouraging guests and community to look inward and contend with their relationship with nature and waste.

Photo by @sayafull

The recycling center is a social place for the local residents to learn, create, and question. The Waste Recycling Center also acts as the Community Learning Center, Kuru Kuru Thrift Shop, Laundromat, and Creative Laboratory.

Kuru Kuru Thrift Shop

Photo by @sayafull

Hotel Why welcomes travelers into Kamikatsu to learn and live the Kamikatsu eco-lifestyle. The hotel’s woody interior with up-cycled material is rustic yet modern, with plenty of natural light and sensational views.

Photo by @sayafull

Even the hotel atrium is a natural invitation to take in the expansive sky and coexist with it. Imagine how majestic this atrium might look in a heavy rain!

Why Hotel Observatory

Photo by @67yqh403s8q9jqh

In addition to the hotel, guests can enjoy a hoppy beer at the local Rise and Win Brewery.

Kamikatz Brewery

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Or perhaps you prefer to rise early and connect with the local community. You may learn a thing or two from the locals about the thriving citrus agriculture in Tokushima prefecture. There’s also a farmers

market where you can sample the local produce!

Photo by @harayuki09

The town is also home to the INOW program, named after the word ‘Inao’ (inao) in the local dialect, meaning ‘let’s go home!’. The program allows participants to get to know the local way of life and zero waste methods in an immersive two-week exploration. The application can be found here!


Access: 7-2, Aza Shimoniura, Oaza Fukuhara, Kamikatsu-cho, Katsura-gun, Tokushima

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