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  • Explore Tokyo's Local Underground Art Scene at 3331 Chiyoda Arts

Explore Tokyo's Local Underground Art Scene at 3331 Chiyoda Arts

Posted on February 16, 2021

Tokyo will never disappoint when it comes to artistic exploration or affordable adventures, and Arts Chiyoda 3331 is no exception. Located in Akihabara, the worldwide hub of anime, manga, maid cafes and more, Chiyoda 3331 mobilizes the creative energy buzzing in the air to create an unforgettable experience. The art center was once a Chiyoda City Public School. The new design is minimalistic, allowing the art to shine as the centerpiece. The light filled space may evoke soft memories of learning and curiosity!

Chiyoda Arts Facade

Photo by @maikid

Chiyoda Arts 3331 Entrance

Photo by @kate___y.n

With no entry fee, Chiyoda arts is accessible to all and truly feels like a little known treasure of Tokyo. 

Woman viewing gallery

Photo by @maikid

The hardwood parquet floors create a warm atmosphere for taking in all the beautiful art.

Drawings side by side

Photo by @maikid

With the turn of every corner, learn to perceive the world through a new artists lens.

Layered art

Photo by @shitakiriuguisu

Some artists will be in the gallery, so feel free to say hello and build a deeper connection to the art!

Absence of a painter piece

Photo by @sinnnurem

Exhibits are always changing, so you’ll be able to go back time after time to discover your new favorite artist! Though this piece, “absence of painter” by Kazuhiro Goshima, is no longer on display, you can find out more at their website here.  

Two gundam prints

Photo by @shitakiriuguisu

With so many different artists showcased here, if you don’t quite fancy one, you can just check out the space next door!

deer and girl art

Photo by @shitakiriuguisu

The variety of art and opportunities to interact with so many up and coming artists is truly sensational. You might just discover the next Miyazaki here!

3331 Cafe Ubuntu spread

Photo by @quentana7

There’s also a super cute cafe called 3331 Cafe Ubuntu! After some delicious cake or tea, stop by the gift shop for the perfect quirky gifts and memorabilia of Tokyo.


Access:  6 Chome-11-14 Sotokanda, Chiyoda City, Tokyo 101-0021

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