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  • Indulge in Bagels to Your Heart's Content at JUNO in Jiyugaoka

Indulge in Bagels to Your Heart's Content at JUNO in Jiyugaoka

Posted on February 5, 2021

For over 20 years, Jiyugaoka has been home to JUNO, a bagel cafe that infuses its own Japanese twist. Made with flour and yeast sourced in Hokkaido, JUNO prides themselves on their all-natural and delicious bagels. Only a quick five minute walk from the station, JUNO invites you to try their eight unique bagels with their all-you-can-eat lunch menu.

photo: @mizuhiro0509

From 11AM to 3PM, the cafe offers its Bagel Lunch set; come with an empty stomach, because this set comes with all-you-can-eat bagels, two bagel spreads, a main dish, side dish, soup, as well as a refillable drink bar. For 90 minutes, you can fill your stomach with bagels to your heart’s content for only ¥1500 (+tax). With vegetarian and vegan meal accomodations available, JUNO’s menu is friendly to almost any dietary restriction.

photo: @nebonebosuke

Whether you’re looking for something savory to pair with your meal or something sweet to save for dessert, the cafe offers eight bagels and seven spreads to mix and match with. Apart from a monthly-rotating flavor, JUNO’s standard bagel menu includes: plain, whole grain, tomato curry, spinach, honey red beet, cheese pepper, double chocolate, and blueberry. 2021’s limited bagel flavors have already brought us soy sesame bagels in January and the “coco♡” chocolate bagel for February– be sure to check out their official Instagram to stay up to date with their latest bagels!

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Their equally expansive bagel spread menu includes: sour cream butter, miso mayonnaise, tomato miso, cream cheese, blueberry cream cheese, and caramel milk. While you’re free to use as much bagel spread as you like, choose carefully as only two come with your lunch. From their unique bagels and spreads to their all-you-can-eat option, JUNO sets themselves apart from other bagelrys that you may find around Tokyo; and at only  ¥1500, it is definitely a deal that can’t be beat. If you’ve wanted an excuse to splurge on bagels or visit trendy little Jiyugaoka, this is your sign⭐

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article photo by: @nebonebosuke

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written by: Shannan Tanaka