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  • A Quick Look at the (Unofficially Open) Nintendo World at USJ

A Quick Look at the (Unofficially Open) Nintendo World at USJ

Posted on February 10, 2021

It’s time to jump up, super star! Although the current State of Emergency in Japan has pushed back the long awaited opening of Universal Studio Japan’s Super Nintendo World, it’s still *technically* open. Grab your red (or maybe green?) cap and take a look into the world of Nintendo’s favorite 1-up boy.

photo: @parka248

Located between the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Water World, Super Nintendo World contrasts these realistic worlds with its bright colors and cartoon-y style adorned with familiar faces and items from any Mario level. Inside the world, you’ll have the opportunity to meet some of your favorite characters, ride two new attractions, and even eat at Toad’s restaurant, Kinopio’s Cafe!

photo: @usj_basashi

Even though Toad is busy cooking up delicious Super Mario-inspired plates like Mario’s Bacon Cheeseburger or the Piranha Plant Caprese, you may be lucky enough to spot him wandering the streets of Super Nintendo World. He’s more than happy to take a picture with you, so be sure to give him a wave if you see him! Kinopio’s Cafe is set up next to Yoshi’s Adventures, and you can check out the full menu here.

photo: @wisteria.117

Yoshi’s Adventures is just one of the fun attractions, where you can take an adventure with Yoshis of all different colors– bonus points if you know the difference between the colored Yoshis⭐ The second new attraction, Koopa’s Challenge, can be found in Bowser’s Castle where you’ll be able to enjoy an AR-immersive Mario Kart roller coaster experience. Race against your favorite characters and slow them down with Koopa shells!

photo: @thedisneyzan

Of course, if big bad Bowser got his own castle in the park, it goes without saying that Princess Peach also secured her castle front-and-center; in order to enter Super Nintendo World, you’ll need to walk through Peach’s Castle. What wonders will the Mushroom Castle hold?

photo: @parka248

photo: @parka248

Even with its limited hours and unofficial opening, this new section of USJ is nothing short of exciting. Full of new attractions, characters, and of course, souvenirs, Super Nintendo World is a super star upgrade to the park. A Donkey Kong-based expansion is also set to be in the works, which will include a mine cart ride.

photo: @jetcoasterotoko

While the new official opening of Super Nintendo World has yet to be announced, stay tuned to stay up to date for future USJ and Super Nintendo World updates from us!

written by: Shannan Tanaka