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  • A Depachika Unlike Any Other: Parco Chaos Kitchen

A Depachika Unlike Any Other: Parco Chaos Kitchen

Posted on March 11, 2021

Shibuya Parco has everything you could wish for in a day in Shibuya, from a relaxing roof top to a not-so-conventional Depachika. Depachika is derived from ‘departo’ for department store, and ‘chika’ which means basement in Japanese. Though most department stores in Japan have one of these fantastic food halls in the basement level, Parco has a modernized version of the ‘Yokocho’, a tight alleyway packed with food stands. To access the Yokocho wonderland, just take the escalator or elevator down one level from the ground floor! As you descend you’will enter an intergalactic wonderland complete with a futuristic medley of Japanese treats. There is something for everyone at Chaos Kitchen!Chaos Kitchen entrance

Photo By @ arch_kk

Every restaurant is decidedly unique and can be enjoyed visually as well as with the other senses. With neon lights and reflective themes, entering Kome to Circus, a corner dedicated to peculiar foods like fried insects or alligator meat, is doubly entrancing.

Entrance to Restaurant

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If you’re not particularly excited by the prospect of munching on a grasshopper or an alligator leg, the vegan Izakaya Masaka, may be a better fit. Though you may be skeptical initially, the crispy and perfectly seasoned vegan ‘karaage’, Japanese fried chicken, will surely win you over. They are also well known for their pan-fried gyoza dumplings. If you can’t decide which delicious vegan creation to go with, you can get a set with a combination of the two!

Vegan dishes

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Vegan Karaage

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If you’re looking for something more classic, Jikasei Mensho, Chaos Kitchens ramen joint, is just for you! Get your favorite miso-ramen or go for the Biangbiang noodles! No matter what you decide, your belly will thank you.


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Ramen Restaurant Storefront

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Last but not least, Campy Bar is a hidden gem of Parco. The bar only reveals itself at night after its partner restaurant, Hamanoya Parlour, has shut down for the night. The drag bar has no entry fee and the beauty and skilled theatricality of The staff will have you feeling that you’ve left all your worries somewhere beyond the entrance. This is the perfect night out!

Campy Bar Mural

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Campy Staff

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Despite its modern look, Parco has nostalgia built into the building. Any visitors who were Parco-lovers before the renovation, will recognize the large neon letters from the old sign adorning different floors in the new building.

Parco letter

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Even if you aren’t hungry, Parco’s Depachika is worth taking a look at! Please visit and let us know what you think in the comments.

Access: https://goo.gl/maps/Uo6YugTKpq43NiYc9