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  • Visit One of Japan's Teddy Bear Museums: The Nasu Teddy Bear Museum

Visit One of Japan's Teddy Bear Museums: The Nasu Teddy Bear Museum

Posted on February 24, 2021

The Nasu Teddy Bear Museum, one of a handful of teddy bear museums in Japan, is located in Tochigi Prefecture and is a great way for adults and children alike to spend an afternoon. Complete with a themed cafe and a view of the Rindo Lake, you’ll experience just as much wonder outside the museum as inside it.

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Open from 9:30AM to 5PM, tickets are reasonably priced at 1350 yen for adults, 1000 yen for middle/high school students, and 800 yen for elementary school students. In addition, entry is free for those younger than elementary school age or 75+. However, you won’t need to pay this entrance fee if you only plan on visiting the cafe or gift shop!

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The museum itself is rather small, with its exhibits displayed throughout a two story house. With its red brick exterior and well-maintained garden, the museum’s patio is straight out of a storybook.

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Even from just these pictures of Tea Room Teddy’s Garden, you’re sure to notice a peculiar pink and white duo sticking out like a sore thumb. Meet Piske and Usagi– two inseparable characters made by popular artist Kanahei. With the current collaboration between Kanahei’s character and the museum, you’ll find the pair helping with some garden work, including trimming some teddy bear shaped hedges.

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This collaboration has been around since August of last year, but will close its doors to us on March 10th; if you’re a fan of the cute and cuddly, try to stop by this limited time exhibit before it ends!

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Another collaboration featured at the museum is that of Studio Ghibli’s famous My Neighbor Totoro. A seemingly permanent exhibit, the second floor is overflowing with your favorite cast of characters from My Neighbor Totoro. Outside of the museum you may find a giant gray Totoro waiting for you, while inside you can find teddy bears crafting miniature dolls of Totoro, Cat Bus, and more!

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Of course, being a Teddy Bear museum, you’ll find more regular bears as well. From old to new, to giant to itty bitty, you’ll be able to see teddy bears that you won’t normally find in a toy store.

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After strolling through these adorable exhibits, there is no better way to end your day’s adventure than at the Teddy’s Garden cafe.

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Dine with a teddy bear and enjoy a bear-y cute themed menu! Enjoy a cappuccino with teddy bear latte art, and pair it with a light dessert to make for the perfect afternoon tea break. Be sure to try their #1 item, homemade purin, made with locally farmed eggs and milk.

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While the Nasu Teddy Bear Museum is not the first museum of its kind, its fun exhibits and adorable cafe make for a great getaway for a day. Be ready to make lots of memories and take cute pictures!

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Nasu Teddy Bear Museum
1185-4, Nasu, Nasu District, Tochigi 325-0302
written by: Shannan Tanaka