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  • Watch art come to life at the Nihonbashi Art Aquarium Museum!

Watch art come to life at the Nihonbashi Art Aquarium Museum!

Posted on March 2, 2021


Artist Hidetomo Kimura, known for his past artistic aquarium displays, has finally brought a permanent exhibit to the Japanese capital. The Art Aquarium Museum in Nihonbashi is filled with cuboid, cylindrical, and globular-shaped glass tanks containing 30,000 fish, including goldfish, koi carp, among other fish varieties. Though the word goldfish may simply conjure memories of a first pet for many, for the Japanese, ‘kingyo’ (goldfish) is an important motif that has made its mark for thousands of years in Japanese art and culture. Kimura’s intention is to bring art to life through his exhibit, paying heed to the beauty of Japanese art through the historically unchanging movements of the goldfish.

Art Aquarium Museum goldfish

photo by @mackott_3

Stimulate your senses as you step into the darkness, with only the light of the dancing goldfish to guide you.

Art Aquarium Museum cuboid tanks

photo by @92.kaori

The use of light displays in the glass shapes combined with immersive background music creates an other-worldly effect that might just put you in a trance.

Art Aquarium Museum cylinder tank

photo by @pokapocamera_81

It almost seems as though the fish are suspended in mid-air, with time slowly grinding to a halt.


Art Aquarium Museum circular tank

photo by @hiro_mi_chi88

Don’t these open-cased circular tanks remind you of gelatin art cakes?


Art Aquarium Museum globular tank

photo by @keikomochizuk

Look, it’s a snow globe of koi carps!


Art Aquarium Museum giant fish bowl

photo by @hiro_mi_chi88

Not to mention the giant fish bowls.


Art Aquarium Museum purple light tank

photo by @belovednurlyn

The effervescent aquarium displays are a hypnotic escape from the busy streets of Tokyo.

Art Aquarium Museum taking photos

photo by @niko11niko5

Every new tank presents a million different opportunities for insta-worthy photos, so keep your cameras ready!

Art Aquarium Museum colorful tanks

photo by @non_non1018

If lava lamps and fish had a baby, this is definitely what they would look like.

Art Aquarium Museum neon tanks

photo by @hiro_mi_chi88

After you’ve made your way to the end of this near-psychadelic experience, you’ll be pleased to know that you can soothe your over-stimulated senses as you sip on a few cocktails at the fancy lounge bar upstairs. There’s also a gift shop stocked with all things goldfish.

Admission: 2,300 yen tickets; free for children under 12

Hours: 10AM-7PM


Art Aquarium Museum

1 Chome-3 Nihonbashihoncho, Chuo City, Tokyo 103-0023

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