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  • Echizen Daibutsu: Hidden Gem in a Beautiful Valley

Echizen Daibutsu: Hidden Gem in a Beautiful Valley

Posted on March 16, 2021

Nestled in a beautiful valley in Katsuyama, Fukui Prefecture, over 1200 buddhas await. The largest buddha is over 17 meters tall in its seated position. The temple was built in the 1980’s by a businessman, making it one of Japan’s younger landmarks. The quiet valley with great mountains beyond creates very picturesque scenery. 

Photo’s by @ mark_williams_media

The temple spans over a wide area and exhibits many visual wonders. This roofed pathway leads up to the entrance of the main building. Another path mirrors it on the left creating beautiful symmetry. 

Photo by @ nonpapa.photo

The surrounding mountains are beautiful in all seasons whether they are snow-capped or a lush green.

The temple is transformed with the winter snow. After a deep snowfall, the statues along the way appear to be tucked in to the most lovely white blanket.

Photo’s by @ momokosanyo

As you approach the entrance you may be taken aback by the sheer magnitude of this great temple. It towers above with great certainty and strength.

Photo by @ takumatravel

In contrast, the interior beams with the soft gold glow of the great buddha.

Photo’s by @ red711star

The scale and intricacy of the temple is very impressive, encouraging you to take in every detail and scene.

Photo by @ fu_mayuko

With each step, focus in on a new detail in the the carvings and layers before you.

Photo by @ y_u_k_a.329

Photo’s By @ instej93

Entry for adults is 500 yen and only 300 yen for children.

The Katsuyama Dinosaur museum is also nearby, with life-size dinosaur statues among the forest-park along with giant insects. If you’re traveling with kids, it might be fun to stop by both wonders and make a full day of it!

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