Tokyo Water Buses

Posted on March 26, 2021

One of the great ways to explore Tokyo is from a boat. There are several bus routes, each one will let you see this beautiful city from a different angle. 

Water bus

photo vinc_swee

The most popular is Tokyo Cruise, you can choose the destination that you would like to go to, it is a perfect way to commute. Another great plus is that you don’t need to make a reservation, which is quite rare for Tokyo, And how cool this boat looks! There are a lot of departure locations as well, you can board from Asakusa, Hinode Pier, Odaiba Seaside Park, Palette Town, Tokyo Big Sight, Hamarikyu, Toyosu. For more information visit the official websiteWater bus

photo vinc_swee

If you want to experience something fancier, we would recommend you to look into Symphony Tokyo Bay Cruise. It offers a round trip, at different times: lunch (11:50–14: 00), afternoon (15: 00-15) ): 50), sunset (16:20 –18: 20), dinner (19: 00 –21: 30). Price will vary, there are different set menus to choose from, reservation is required, check the website.

What can be better than taking a time off and enjoy your favorite drink while watching beautiful Tokyo city passing by?

Tokyo boat

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Meals are served in their best instagrammable way with attention to detail.

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The night view will bring you a different, maybe even more romantic atmosphere. For day / night you can choose to stay inside or enjoy it from a deck. 

water bus

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Water bus

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Tokyo offers some other water ferries experiences, but we chose these two as they are our favorites. Hope you will enjoy your time 🙂