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  • Stunning, hand-painted smoothies at JTRRD Cafe

Stunning, hand-painted smoothies at JTRRD Cafe

Posted on March 29, 2021

First opening in 2019, Tomomi Tamura created JTRRD Cafe as a space selling both fashionable goods and artistic fruit smoothies, with the intention of sharing beauty and art with our bodies in both internal and external ways. Now in 2021, there are ten different JTRRD Cafes across Japan, including major cities like Osaka, Nagoya, and Kyoto and even one international store in Honolulu, Hawaii! Rather than ordering smoothies by their name, you first choose your favorite color (red, orange, purple, green, pink, yellow) followed by your choice of glass size, long (¥1300 +tax), short (¥900 +tax), or mini (¥300 +tax).

JTRRD Imaicho exterior

photo by @29s_doll

Give your Instagram profile a little glow up with this extra cute desert plant and baby pink aesthetic. Every branch has a different style, so if you are seeking this one out in particular, you can visit the cafe in Imaicho in Nara.

JTRRD Cafe cow smoothie

photo by @jtrrd

JTRRD started the year with these adorable Year of the Ox-themed smoothies made from white peach, yogurt, and chocolate. You can enjoy these art-smoothies from all angles!

JTRRD Cafe Monster Smoothie

photo by @gaya.sachiko

The Monster Smoothie is made from yogurt, chia seeds, banana or kiwi, and your personal choice of color for the top layer. We recommend that you try the smoothies with a spoon rather than a straw since it is almost like a parfait in texture!

JTRRD Cafe Daruma Smoothie

photo by @jtrrd

One of the most unique and quintessentially Japanese smoothies on the menu is the Daruma doll smoothie, available in multiple colors. If you’re wondering why there is no second eye filled in, don’t worry, the food artist has left it that way on purpose and for a very interesting reason! Different colored daruma represent different meanings in Japanese culture and it is normal to buy a daruma doll without any eyes or just one eye. After receiving a daruma, Japanese people will paint one eye whilst making a wish. Once the wish has been fulfilled through the daruma’s help, you can then paint the second eye.

JTRRD Cafe Art Smoothie

photo by @jtrrd

The Art Smoothie is by far the most intricate of all the designs on the menu. Each smoothie is handcrafted and beautifully painted.

JTRRD Cafe Bonbon Smoothie

photo by @memories_e0e

The Bonbon Smoothie, pictured on the right, is filled with a generous topping of seasonal fresh fruit and cream. During the summer months, be sure to try the peach Bonbon Smoothie!

JTRRD Cafe Cute pig smoothie

photo by @jtrrd

Their designs are almost too cute to eat. As the Japanese say, it might seem ‘mottainai’ (too good to waste), but we can assure you that it’s definitely worth eating!!

JTRRD Cafe Bell pepper Curry

photo by @memories_e0e

Besides smoothies, the JTRRD cafes also serve other drinks including coffee, bubble tea, and fruit and herbal teas. And if you’re craving something savory, you can even order food such as this delicious spicy Paprika (bell pepper) curry or a Paprika Omu-rice.

So whether you find yourself in Nara or Nagoya next, the JTRRD Cafes have got you covered for a healthy and aesthetic meal packed with lots of smoothie-filled fun!

Written by: Maya Kimura Watts