Meet with 1000+ deers in Nara

Posted on October 2, 2018

Nara Park.

Deers here are known as messenger of god.

And there are over 1000 of them!

Photo by @julien.filippeddu

Photo by @flowersbyhelen

There is deers on every corner of Nara Park.

So many of them.

Photo by @mytravelbackground


Photo by @red.edamame

Photo by @linulkaa

They’re not scared of people.

Photo by @thenycelander

How cute

Photo by @julien.filippeddu

They love “Shika-Senbei”

You can buy “Shika-Senbei” at Nara Park.


It’s the most popular tourist route to see the deers in Nara.

There is so many deers in all over the Nara Park.

1000+ deers might come towards you if you have Shika-Senbei on you.


【Nara Park】
Nobori Ojicho 30, Nara city

20 minutes walk from JR Nara Station
5 minutes walk from Kintetsu Nara station

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