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  • These incredible shaved ice flavors at Sakanoue Cafe will blow your mind!

These incredible shaved ice flavors at Sakanoue Cafe will blow your mind!

Posted on April 20, 2021

Did you know that people in Japan have been eating shaved ice since the 11th century? Back in the Heian Period, aristocrats would take ice formed during the winter months to store in icehouses to make for a refreshing dessert come summer time. Today, shaved ice or ‘kakigōri’ is widely enjoyed by all people in Japan and is typically served with a sweet syrup or condensed milk. One of the best spots for shaved ice is at Sakanoue Cafe, found in Yushima, Tokyo. Expand your experience of the traditional dessert with Sakanoue Cafe’s expansive menu of toppings and seasonal flavors!

Sakanoue Cafe matcha-tachi-go

photo by @saegori_kakigori_

The ‘Matcha-tachi-go’ is as amazing as it sounds, featuring green tea (matcha) sauce, pistachio cream, and a strawberry (ichigo) on top. Not to mention the white wine compote and crushed almond sprinklings. 

Sakanoue Cafe Shonan gold earl grey

photo by @grain__of__salt

The Shonan gold citrus and Earl Gray shaved ice adds the perfect amount of zest and zing to create an extra refreshing dessert. 

Sakanoue Cafe Pumpkin

photo by  @ yu_.ho

Up next, we’d like to present the ‘Kabocha no cha cha cha,’ a shaved ice dessert with pumpkin cream and crumbled pumpkin as an optional (but advisable) topping.

Sakanoue Cafe Red cherry pie

photo by @mi_chan_minnie

The red cherry pie kakigōri is definitely one for the gram. 

Sakanoue Cafe Ice shortcake

photo by @diamante_aki

This kakigōri resembles the well-loved Japanese strawberry shortcake. After trying this refreshing and light ‘ice shortcake,’ will you ever be able to go back to the original? 

Sakanoue Cafe An-tachio

photo by @bepping_san

The ‘An-tachio’ is perhaps the most creative of all the flavors, with red bean (‘an’) paste in the middle of the shaved ice, and rum raison mascarpone cream and pistachios sprinkled on top.

Sakanoue Cafe caramel sweet potato

photo by @ rih013

For the American breakfast lovers out there, you’ve got to try this milk-based shaved ice with sweet potato cream, salted caramel sauce, and bacon and black pepper toppings… Fluffy, savory, and sweet all at the same time. And to add to the mix of flavors, there are cooked apples inside! 

Sakanoue Cafe blood orange yogurt

photo by @shibanocotarou

With a condensed milk base and filled with yogurt cream, the blood orange kakigōri makes for the ideal bittersweet dessert.

Sakanoue Cafe chestnut marshmallow

photo by @ yu_.ho

Sakanoue Cafe even offers a take-out option if you’d rather enjoy your shaved ice on-the-go with the sun on your back! This chestnut flavored kakigōri comes with an adorable marshmallow character, a signature mark of the cafe. 



2 Chome-22-14 Yushima, Bunkyo City, Tokyo 113-0034

Yushima station (6 min. Walk) / Ochanomizu station (9 min. Walk) / Akihabara station (16 min. Walk)

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Written by: Maya Kimura Watts