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  • Vegan fruit sando finally comes to Japan at Tokyo's trendy fruits and season store!

Vegan fruit sando finally comes to Japan at Tokyo's trendy fruits and season store!

Posted on April 13, 2021


Far from just another dessert shop popping up in Tokyo, the opening of ‘fruits and season’ in Ebisu is huge news for the vegans in town. Opening in January 2021 as the first vegan fruit sando shop in Japan, fruits and season offers the traditional fruit sando combination of seasonal fruits packed into two slices of fluffy bread and filled with fresh whipped cream. But of course, none of the ingredients contain milk, eggs, or any other animal products, as the cream and even the bread are both made from soymilk!


Fruits and season store front

photo by @masa_kun7

The take-out only, cashless only store is open 10am-8pm, but aim to get there early to avoid the lines.


Fruit sando flavors

photo by @mona_in_ebisu

You’ll be overwhelmed at all the different fruit sando flavors you can pick from. Amaou (strawberry), kiwi, mango, banana, mikan (tangerine), and pineapple are all available to buy. But don’t worry, there is a convenient (and delicious) mixed-fruit flavor for all the indecisive types, bless your hearts. From April 12, the Miyazaki Mango fruit sando was also introduced to the menu, featuring the highest quality mango in Japan. All fruits at fruits and season are supplied by Daiwa Super, the same grocer that supplies the other famous fruit sando shop Daiwa Nakameguro.

Store interior

photo by @___hikadoll

The decor both inside and outside the store is perfectly curated for an instaworthy photo. Even the fruits and season website is a beautiful product of great marketing.

Packaging and decor

photo by @miwa.72

Go all out and try as many flavors as you can! These vegan sandwiches contain only a third of the calories that a regular fruit sandwich would have, so no guilt will be necessary on this trip.

Cute transparent bags

photo by @yu__ki00

It is recommended that you eat your fruit sando as soon as possible for maximum freshness!

Eat your sando in Ebisu Park

photo by @love_theplanet_jp

Ebisu Park is only a few footsteps away from the store and has plenty of quiet benches where you can relax and devour your fruit sando.

cute insulated take-away bag

photo by @ayael.mermaid

If you would prefer to bring yours home to eat, fruits and season also has these super cute, insulated food delivery bags that you can use for peace of mind during your journey.

kiwi and mikan flavors

photo by @o_saya_ka

Just look at how fluffy that bread is! So soft it could almost be a mochi…

strawberry and mango flavors

photo by @mikaamata

And if you’d prefer to stay home during the pandemic season, you can still enjoy these delectable treats delivered straight to your Tokyo doorstep through food delivery services such as Uber Eats and Wolt. Even if you live outside of Tokyo, Fruit and season’s website offers an online delivery service that caters to people living in different prefectures around Japan (for the full list of prefectures, see here).

all five fruit sando flavors

photo by @daisuke_1009


〒150-0021 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Ebisunishi, 1 Chome−10−1, Clean Palace 1F

Ebisu Station (2 min. walk) / Daikanyama Station (6 min. walk) / Shibuya Station (14 min. walk)

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Written by: Maya Kimura Watts