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Let’s go see beautiful Japanese castles

Posted on October 9, 2018

Japanese castles are famous tourist place for its function as fortress and beautiful appearance at the same time.

Let’s go and see the beautiful castles in Japan.

Photo by @leahnnt

Edo castle in Tokyo. It was built approximately 400 years ago.

A lot of these huge moat and gate still remains.

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Himeji castle. Its pure white appearance is also called heron, and it’s the most beautiful castle.

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Hiroshima castle and Okayama castle locates in middle of the city, and you can enjoy the park, and garden as well.

Photo by @olimok

Photo by @olimok

Osaka castle was built by hero of the Sengoku period, Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

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There is an western castle like this in Osaka.

It is said that the owner of this castle was able to use magic. Surprising. Apparently, you can sill experience magic, so give it a try.


【Edo castle】

From JR Tokyo Station, the grounds of the castle are a short walk west through the Marunouchi district via such attractions as Naka Dori, Tokyo International Forum and Brick Square Marunouchi and the Ichigokan Museum. This will bring you to the wide Babasaki Moat of Edo Castle.

The nearest station to Kitanonomaru-koen is Kudanshita subway station on the Toei Shinjuku, Hanzomon and Tozai lines.

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【Himeji castle】

Himeji Castle stands about one kilometer down the broad Otemae-dori Street from Himeji Station. The castle can be reached from the station’s north exit in a 15-20 minute walk or five minute ride by bus (100 yen one way) or taxi (about 650 yen one way).

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【Hiroshima castle】

The castle is a ten minute walk from Kamiyacho-nishi or Kamiyacho-higashi tram stop (12 minutes, 180 yen from Hiroshima Station by lines 1, 2 or 6). It is also a ten minute walk from Shukkeien or a 15-minute walk from the Peace Park.

Alternatively, the castle is served by the orange and lemon routes of the Hiroshima Sightseeing Loop Bus (Meipuru-pu). The ride from Hiroshima Station takes six minutes, and there are 2-3 buses per hour.

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【Okayama castle】

Okayama Castle is about 1.5 kilometers or a 25-30 minute walk east of Okayama Station. Trams on the Higashiyama Line can be taken to Shiroshita stop (5 minutes, 100 yen, frequent departures) from where the castle keep can be reached in a 10-15 minute walk.

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【Osaka castle】

The recommended approach to Osaka Castle is through Otemon Gate at the park’s southwestern corner. The closest station is Tanimachi 4-chrome Station along the Tanimachi Subway Line and Chuo Subway Line.

The closest JR station to Osaka Castle is Osakajokoen Station on the JR Loop Line, a 10 minute, 160 yen ride from JR Osaka Station.

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