Izu Fruits Park: A healthy excuse to satisfy your sweet-tooth cravings!

Do yoga and explore Gotanda

Exploring Tokyo: Docomo bike share

Nihon Buyo: feel the culture!

Have You Watched Japan’s Movie of the Year?

Forget the paper: Japanese food artists use toast as their canvas!

Cute nails, beautiful eyelashes and a relaxing massage

Try making these origami animals by Japanese origami artists!

An Edo Hot Spring Wonderland: Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari

Move Over Banana Bread, It’s Time for Pull Apart Bread to Make It’s Pandemic Debut

Hiking Mount Meakan, Hokkaido

Pachinko: have some fun!

Japanese tattoo culture is alive and well…and legal!

First Ever Make-Your-Own KitKat Chocolatory is here in Tokyo!

Old to new: the rare and beautiful art form of Kintsugi!

UFO Catchers: A Game of Skill or Luck?

Play Mario Kart in REAL LIFE in the streets of Tokyo!

Tea ceremony: A culture that encapsulates the spirit.

Soba shops and ramen shops, food samples commonly found in crepe shops!

Japanese culture “public bath”

Japanese traditional crafts. Looking at this vessel makes me want to drink alcohol!

It’s made from soil, but you can make fashionable works depending on your taste!

Mesmerising Traditional Japanese Kitchen Knives: Japanese Swords Origin and Pursuit of Sharp Blades

Why not give kyudo a chance?

If going to Yokohama, visit here! Let’s make original cup noodles!

You can experience 3D latte art at a cafe in Oita Yufuin!

You can be a sushi chef too! ? Sushi making experience

Calligraphic experience at “Calligraphy Kyoto Chifumi calligraphy”

Make memories with Japanese youth culture “Purikura”.

You can drink alcohol while playing games in the 80’s

Writing, seeing, taking and becoming a beauty. Prayer for beauty “Kagami-ema”!

Disguise yourself as Maiko!

Sound of 108 bells pealing out with the New Year.

Exorcism from the New Year. Japanese traditional performing arts “Shishimai” dancing with a lion head

A demon of Akita pref “Namahage”. Is not there any bad boy or girl!?

Consummate skill! Japanese nail art

Let‘s experience the booming pachinko in Japan

What is capsule hotel?! It’s a hotel originated in Japan that is only for sleeping?

Tokyo Trick Art Museum

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