Will you ever find dangos as Instagrammable as these?

Have a Berry x Berry Sweet Holiday at Starbucks!

Meet the REAL Anpanman and Friends at Uncle Jam’s Bakery!

Akebi – a rare, purple fruit you’ll only find in Japan

Hop into the magical universe of Beatrix Potter: Peter Rabbit Garden Cafe in Tokyo!

Milk & Dairy Heaven! Hokkaido’s Takahashi Farm Milk Factory

One of the cutest desserts: Shirohige’s Cream Puffs, little Totoro

Rilakkuma has turned into a cafe!

Autumn-only sweets! After all, potato chestnut pumpkin is popular.

Where to eat: gluten-free cafes in Tokyo

Delicious vegan cafes in Tokyo

Visit My Melody Cafe in Harajuku!

Visit the Cinnamoroll Cafe in Kyoto!

Cute Youkai (ghost) gathering in Nippori! The true identity is delicious Daifuku(sticky rice cake)!

Grab a candy apple this Halloween from Shibuya’s Candy Apple Store!

Beautiful roses …! Not traditional Japanese sweets!

A long-established store that has been in business for 120 years! Colorful, cute and very delicious fruit sandwich!

Visit the Pom Pom Purin Cafe in Harajuku!

Photogenic Organic Cafe @ Omotesando

Average waiting time 3 hours? ! Kyoto Kifune Specialty Nagashi somen

Spring limited edition only in Japan “Starbucks Sakura version” is cute.

Popular on Instagram! “eX cafe” in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Special sized 8-scoop ice cream is popular! “Daily Chico”

All-you-can-eat bar with Japanese sweets in a retro space

Following the character lunch box “Character Chigiri Bread”. Interested in such cute look! 

Akita specialty! Ice in the form of a rose made by grandma. “Babahera ice”

World’s first! Starbucks where you can enjoy drinking on tatami and cushion

A town that remains unchanged from the Edo period “Inuyama castle town”

The only barbie cafe in Japan “Pink Holiday Cafe”

Mayonnaise performance


Let’s eat cartoon characters in animation and comics!

Welcome to the Ninja world. A lot of tricks? at Ninja pub.

Keep away! Danger! High-speed Mochi-tsuki.

Drink and Eat at stall street in Fukuoka!

You have to fish to eat? Enjoy fishing and good eating together! Attraction Izakaya “Zauo”

Character-Themed Food and Kawaii Treats

Kawaii Oisii Japanese Sweets

Crazy! Amazing! Vending Machines!!

Tokyo’s Kitchen. You can’t miss Tsukiji Market for seafood.

1 hour homestay in Okinawa

Being a wild beast in Asakusa

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