Photogenic Organic Cafe @ Omotesando

Average waiting time 3 hours? ! Kyoto Kifune Specialty Nagashi somen

Spring limited edition only in Japan “Starbucks Sakura version” is cute.

Popular on Instagram! “eX cafe” in Arashiyama, Kyoto

Special sized 8-scoop ice cream is popular! “Daily Chico”

All-you-can-eat bar with Japanese sweets in a retro space

Following the character lunch box “Character Chigiri Bread”. Interested in such cute look! 

Akita specialty! Ice in the form of a rose made by grandma. “Babahera ice”

World’s first! Starbucks where you can enjoy drinking on tatami and cushion

A town that remains unchanged from the Edo period “Inuyama castle town”

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