It’s an Azalea Wonderland at Tokyo’s Nezu Shrine

Tokyo Toilet Project brings transparent bathrooms and more to the capital!

Waffles, robots, and robo-flash mobs? Come dine in luxury at Shibuya’s Pepper Parlor!

Visit Zao Onsen in Yamagata

Watch art come to life at the Nihonbashi Art Aquarium Museum!

Kurashiki: the perfectly preserved & picturesque Edo town

Visit One of Japan’s Teddy Bear Museums: The Nasu Teddy Bear Museum

Order your very own custom-made movie cocktail at Hachigatsu no Kujira!

Frog and Toad’s 50th Anniversay Exhibit in Tachikawa

Immerse yourself in color and shapes while you stay at the Reversible Destiny Lofts!

Explore Tokyo’s Local Underground Art Scene at 3331 Chiyoda Arts

A Perfectly Pink Valentine’s at Q-Pot Cafe

A Quick Look at the (Unofficially Open) Nintendo World at USJ

Indulge in Bagels to Your Heart’s Content at JUNO in Jiyugaoka

Experience Japan’s ‘retro boom’ at Monozuki, a traditional kissaten cafe

Sazaedo: Astounding Architecture and a Buddhist Pilgrimage

Site of Reversible Destiny: The park that throws gravity out the window

Stepping Into the Frame: The Bed and Art Experience

AMKK Paludarium: Futuristic Encapsulated Bonsai Trees by Azuma Makoto

Galaxy Harajuku is the Trendy and Innovative Hot Spot We Needed

The Imperial Palace: A regal residence in the heart of a modern city

A day in Tokorozawa Sakura Town: Kengo Kuma’s rock fortress, a bookshelf theater & teamLab

Enoura Observatory: One artist’s dream to capture the essence of Japanese culture

Artist Takashi Murakami’s work finds a temporary home in Roppongi Hills—cafe, statue & more!

Little Europe in Jiyugaoka

Poke Lid manhole covers: Pokemon fans breathes new life into natural-disaster-struck towns

Come play with tiny ‘Mame’ Shiba Inu dogs in Harajuku!

Shibuya overview, great photo spots and a little more

The BEST Korean Food in Tokyo: Shin Okubo

Pikachu and Friends are Lighting Up the Night at the Sagamiko Illumillion!

Goryoukaku Koen: Hakodate’s Star-Shaped Historical Fort turned Public Park

New Pokemon Center Opens in Kanazawa!

Japan’s Nostalgic Showa Retro Love Hotels

Try Nikka Whiskey Straight from the Barrel at the Nikka Whisky Distillery Tours!

A Classy City for a Classy Hotel: Spend a Night at the MUJI Hotel Ginza

The beautiful and picturesque, Ōnuma of Hokkaido!

Golden Ginkgo Trees: The Perfect Foliage Walk Right in Tokyo

Stop by the Most Visited Castle in Japan: Himeji Castle!

Spend the day in Shinjuku

Akan-Mashu National Park, Hokkaido

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