Japan’s Nostalgic Showa Retro Love Hotels

Try Nikka Whiskey Straight from the Barrel at the Nikka Whisky Distillery Tours!

A Classy City for a Classy Hotel: Spend a Night at the MUJI Hotel Ginza

The beautiful and picturesque, Ōnuma of Hokkaido!

Golden Ginkgo Trees: The Perfect Foliage Walk Right in Tokyo

Stop by the Most Visited Castle in Japan: Himeji Castle!

Spend the day in Shinjuku

Akan-Mashu National Park, Hokkaido

A Sorrowful Goodbye to the Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

Beautiful Bonsai: Explore Kunio Kobayashi’s Shunkaen Bonsai Garden

The autumn leaves are also wonderful! [Ikaho Onsen]

Celebrate the Release of IZ*ONE’s Japan Debut Album at the IZ*ONE Pop Up Cafe!

Travel to Doraemon’s hometown on his very own Doraemon themed tram!

Works such as Dali are on display. [Morohashi Museum of Modern Art]

Delve into the World of the “God of Manga” at the Osamu Tezuka Manga Museum

Lake Kuttara: the best water quality in Japan

Enjoy Authentic Chinese Food at Japan’s Biggest Chinatown: Yokohama Chinatown

Popular temple and kimono【Yasaka Koshindo】

Momijigari: amazing places to view red leaves this autumn

Yanaka Ginza is a retro town full of soba and sweets shops.

The luxury of space on the Shimakaze Express!Travel to Nagoya, Osaka and Kyoto.

2020 Guide to Japan’s Winter Illuminations

Brings the Perfect Harmony of Nature and Art.

Sylvanian Families, Heavenly Tulip Festival, and breathtaking views of Mount Fuji at Grinpa Park!

Ishinomori Manga Museum holds special exhibitions for a limited time.

Super Nintendo World’s Mario Cafe Opens Up to Public at Universal Studios Japan!

Summer memories: Izu Peninsula

Popular regardless of generation,Taro Okamoto Museum of Art.

Towada Art Center is filled with the charms of artists from all over the world!

The world’s most artistic & luxurious Starbucks “Reserve Roastery” in Nakameguro, Tokyo!

Sit back, relax, and look out the huge windows into nature! Travel to Chichibu and Kawagoe with award-winning Laview train

Japan National Stadium: Renewed for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics & Paralympics!

Slip Away from the Busy World and into an Otaku Wonderland at Mandarake!

Kenrokuen is one of the three great gardens of Japan.

In Harajuku, the center of cute culture, there is a park with such abundant nature! Yoyogi Park

Edo Wonderland: fun time for adults and children!

A sacred area with a mysterious atmosphere!Koyasan is also registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Reproduce the streets of Edo indoors! Oedo Onsen Monogatari where you can enjoy a day trip bath, eat, play and relax.

There are no guides or maps, so you can go as you please and at your will! TeamLab Borderless, a new museum.

It looks like you’ve entered the Moomin world! Moominvalley Park where you can rest at the cafe and buy goods.

Enjoy gassho-zukuri in Shirakawa-go, a World Heritage Site. Beautiful scenery of Japan that heals the tiredness of everyday life in Gifu Prefecture!

It features a dot pattern and a wacky design! The fascinating view of Yayoi Kusama’s world.

Castle in the sky! Takeda Castle Ruins, a Japanese castle that resembles Machu Picchu in Peru!

You can enjoy not only animals but also seasonal flowers! A wide range of Mother Farms from children to adults.

Over 30,000 Goldfish Dancing Around You!: the Art Aquarium Museum

Get Transported to an Edo Wonderland at Nikko Edomura!

Short travel guide to Kamakura

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