Japanese Etiquette

For visitors seeking to enjoy Japan on a deeper level.


Meaning of the signs

How to use Japanese restroom

Western-style toilet

The most popular toilet style you can find in Japan. Do not stand on the toilet seat.

Japanese-style toilet

Traditional-style toilet that you can find in some places in Japan. Squat over the toilet dome to use.

Flush used paper into the toilet. Do not throw it in the trash.

5 Ways to flush the toilet

There are many ways to flush the toilet in Japan.

Turn the lever on the side.

Lower the lever on the back.

Put your hand in front of the sensor.

Push the button.

Don’t do anything, the toilet will flush automatically when you get up from your seat.

How to use electric toilet seat

If you’ve had a chance to research a little bit about Japan, you’ve probably heard about the amazing features of Japanese high-tech toilets. These toilets are now installed in the majority of public restrooms in large cities throughout Japan.

Here below are the meanings of some common buttons you can find next to the toilet. They truly work wonders, so don’t hesitate to try them out during your visit to Japan.